In The Box

Introducing the latest innovation in underwater exploration: the Dual-Light Dive Helmet.

Engineered for divers by divers, this cutting-edge helmet redefines underwater visibility and safety. Crafted with precision and functionality in mind, it seamlessly integrates two powerful Bigblue underwater flashlights, providing unparalleled illumination beneath the waves.

Equipped with two high-performance Bigblue underwater flashlights, this helmet illuminates the depths like never before. With adjustable brightness settings and a and two beam angle options, divers can explore with clarity and confidence, uncovering hidden wonders in even the darkest underwater environments.

Safety is paramount, and this dive helmet boasts robust construction and a secure locking mechanism for the Bigblue flashlights, ensuring they stay firmly in place during your underwater adventures. The durable aluminum materials and water-proof design provide reliability in challenging conditions, giving divers peace of mind as they explore the ocean’s mysteries.

This helmet has extra PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) included in the box.

Dive Lights are not included… but we do recommend them!

Product Specifications


Black, Grey